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Modern Marketing 101

Marketing has changed a great deal in the last ten years. Unfortunately most education organizations are teaching outdated information. You're on your own. You need to do your own research and create your own marketing plan. This is an introduction to the basics you need to learn.

Number One Marketing Tool

Heads and shoulders above any other marketing plan you can imagine is an authenticated professional website.

Research shows that the average small business loses fifty percent (50%) or more of their potential customers by not having an authenticated professional website.

Authenticated means that a recognized authority reviews your website at least weekly to verify:

•  you are who you say you are,

•  you do what you say you,

•  you own and operate a legitimate business

•  the information on your website is verifiable truth

•  your payment gateways are secure and confidential

•  you keep sensitive client information confidential,

•  there is no spyware program or malicious software on your website,

•  you run an ethical, lawful, morally upstanding, legitimate and professional business.

We use the services of Authenticity Verified as you can see by looking at the bottom of this page. Our business has really expanded ever since we changed to Authenticity Verified. You can purchase their services for $25 - $35.00 a month directly or obtain their services as a benefit of creating your association with us or through one of our subsidiaries.

Professional means your website is about your business, what you do and the benefits of using your services and/or products. Here's how you go about making your website look and feel truly professional:

1. Obtain a URL for your business name. This is one step in "branding" your company. We use the services of Secret Registrations to help us with this step. That's their area if expertise. We recommend their services to you.

2. Conduct all of your business under the company name you are "branding." The more you use your company name, the more the public becomes aware of your company. The more aware the public becomes of your company, the more likely they are to do business with you.

3, Brand your company name and not your name. This gives you many more options for the future. It is also much easier to expand or sell a company if the company name is "branded" in your community, with your clientele or both.

4. What this means is to focus on your company and move yourself into the background. People prefer to do business with a company that employs friendly and helpful people. Be one of the most friendly and helpful employees of the company you own. That's absolutely one of the most positive advertisements your business can ever obtain.

5. Whatever you do, always remember every large business started out small -- usually with one person who had a great idea. You can be that person if you build a business where the customer comes first.

6. Make your main website customer oriented. Explain the benefits of using your services or products. Explain those benefits from your customer's point of view. Forget all the technical stuff -- that really doesn't matter to most people anyway. Just tell them what benefits they will receive -- what's in it for them.

7. Make your second website centered on endorsements of your business. Make this a "Friends of Your Business" website. Make it a "Fans of (blank) website. Build it from the standpoint of other people endorsing your company and making claims you can't legally make. You can have a blog on this second website if you like.

8. Place a "What Others Say About Us" link on your business website to your second website. Mention your fans website and link to it on your social media groups.

9. Do "free" seminars, demonstrations and workshops often. Hand out an outline of the information you plan to share with your audience. Post this outline with the date and place listed around town or around the Internet. Just make sure your website is mentioned. One way to do that is to place a downloadable file on your website and let people download it from there. Publicize your "free workshop" in all the free places -- magazines, newspapers, newsletters, coffee shops, new age shops, healthy food markets, anyplace you can find.

How to make your website stand out:

Use a lot of pictures of your business and people in your business

Use a lot of illustrations and other pictures

Use lists -- like this one -- and graphs

Use videos

Use indented text when you can

Use short paragraphs to break up monotonous text

Did you notice the picture?

Imagine how much more you would have noticed something relevant!

If you don't know how to build a website yet, we suggest you contact IPX Services and have one of their people build your site and teach you how to manage it. They'll even teach you how to change and update your own website.

Number Two Marketing Tool

A lot of old timers will tell you to get on Facebook and other social media websites. That's not a bad idea, but here's one that works a lot better:

Free Demonstrations attract people who want the benefits you mention on your website. These people are prime prospects for your services and/or products.

If you provide services you cannot demonstrate, create a Power Pointe or video presentation about the benefits of your services. Talk "benefits."

Offer a special introductory price for attending.

You can afford to "give away" your services for a lot less than your normal fees to obtain a new paying customer.

Make it a "special" and make it available "for a limited time."

If you provide products you cannot demonstrate, create a Power Point or video presentation about the benefits of your products. Offer a special introductory price for attending your workshop -- just make it "special."

You cannot afford to "give away" your products for a lot less than your normal fees to obtain a new paying customer.

But you can afford to "give away" a free coaching session to help your client decide what's best for them.

Have nice handouts with your website information. Always encourage people to attend a free coaching session one-on-one with you. Make it a "special" and make it available "for a limited time."

If you provide both products and services, follow the guidelines above for both.

Here's The Bottom Line

If you want to be successful today you need to change your marketing approach. You need to have an authenticated and professional web site. Period. But the good news is you can learn how to build that website yourself using the services offered by your professional association.

By the way, the picture of a relaxed foot entering a pool of water was used to illustrate a free "Stress Management Workshop" offering to show attendees five ways to reduce their stress. The doctor who presented the free workshop actually showed 38 people 7 ways to reduce their stress and 17 attendees became clients.

You can do better!

The second thing you need to do is get out in public doing free presentations filled with good information -- information your audience is seeking. Tell them about the benefits in it for them. The public likes information, but they buy benefits more than sales pitches. We all do. We're all looking for things that help us

For example:

The chances are you're going to buy a private association for your business to receive the following benefits:

•  To provide your family with the benefits of reducing your tax liability

•  Freedom of hassle from state and/or provincial license boards

•  Freedom of hassle from federal government bureaucrats

•  To avoid having to purchase expensive insurance

We don't know when you're going to buy your private membership association -- but we'll be here when you need us.

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